Burial at Nutl'lhiixw

Chief Qwatsinas is now on a spiritual path making his way through thousands of years of Nuxalk generations who will ultimately return him to the mountain source of his original ancestor descended from Nusmata, where he can find his way back to our great spiritual home.

Remembering Chief Qwatsinas

The Glow of the Sacred Indian Fire

"First of all; we acknowledge and recognize Tatau,
the Creator through Manakays, the Great Spirit
for all that is provided for us since the
beginning of time and still is today"

I was told, and heard about this sacred fire as a young person when I felt the darkness of the other society of the world which we dwell in.
As an Indian; I felt lonely walking inside this darkness which created a strange feeling for my spirit. I placed myself into the sacred fire, and see the light glow more inside the darkness; it's where my answers lie. My spirit will touch others so they come to the fire too. It’s my future where my spirit belongs.

My future is where the sacred fire glows, because it's where my grandmothers, my grandfathers dwell, and where my ancestors carry their spirits. As a people, we are the 'proud wood' for the sacred fire because we carry the spirit of our ancestors, our Nuxalkmc spirit. We must be the 'best wood' for the fire, the light can become brighter. I am careful not to wander away from the fire, otherwise I may get lost.

Spread this word, and teachings from them; so we can learn as much as we can, so this precious 'spiritual food' makes us live forever. Many of us can walk together, and be warm together forever with our fire. Where there is darkness, is our light, and where there is our light is no darkness; we will be Nuxalk Strong, Nuxalk Forever! We stand strong as brothers, and sisters, forever. Qwatsinas…


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