Nusq'lst Memorial Pole

Panel artist: Skip Saunders. Eagle artist: Joe Mack.
Assistant painters: Jacinda Mack, Carmen Hans, Sheldon Tallio, Herbie Hall Jr.

Right: Jacinda Nuskmata Mack during the raising of the Nusq'lst Memorial Pole for her father, Clayton Clifford Mack, 30 August 2009. Erected at the ancient Nuxalk village of Nusq'lst, this is the first monument to Nuxalk Sovereignty encountered by visitors and tourists to the Bella Coola Valley.

"Nuxalk Sovereignty is more than a legalistic definition of land title and jurisdiction; it is an understanding of all the active relationships that bind us to the land, our culture, language, history, families, villages, our ancestors and children, and to those yet unborn. It is a feeling as much as it is a responsibility and spiritual connection to the sacred knowledge that is born of our very blood ties to the land itself." Jacinda Nuskmata Mack: Remembering ISTA


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