Invitation to Environmentalists

Above: Chief Qwatsinas (in red) with Nuxalk and non Nuxalk protesters blockading the Interfor logging road at ISTA, 1997. The man in blue on the right is serving the Nuxalk with a subpoena and notice of arrest.

Left: Invitation to Environmentalists. "Our Sacred Site is being desecrated by Interfor. The logging done at ISTA is illegal because Interfor is trespassing on Nuxalk Land. We have not consented or negotiated away our Nuxalk Title & Rights at ISTA so the timber is being stolen from us. We have continually requested sustainable logging practices but ISTA is still being clearcut logged under the BC Forest Practices Code."

"We call for an end to industrial clearcut logging on the mid coast of BC. We invite the Forest Action Network (FAN), Greenpeace, Bearwatch and P.A.T.H. to stand together with us to protect ISTA and the ancient rainforests of Nuxalk Territory."

"The political position of the Nuxalk Nation has always been in place and has not changed at all. We call for support from the Chief and Councils of the Heiltsuk, Kitasoo and Oweekeno to protect Indian Land in Nuxalk Territory."

Above: Nuxalk Collette Schooner handcuffed by RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). Left: Police speed boats transporting ISTA protesters to Bella Bella.

Message to the Meeting at Lobeico Hall, 1997

Right: Nuxalk House of Smayusta message to the Lobeico Hall meeting in Bella Coola, 9 June 1997.

"Right from the first time your grandparents arrived here in this Valley our grandparents were friendly with them, that's the way it was in those days. The means of transportation was the river canoe. Our ancestors helped one another if there was a fire or an accident. We helped one another. Our people helped your people survive here."

"Today, we still have friends here amongst you. Here in this valley we don't hate anyone. We have no intentions of hurting anyone. This has always been the way of our people. Our movement has always been that of non violence."

"Our message is to the multinational corporations who come in and strip our forests. The way in which they come in and devastate our forests then leave without total consideration of our future. We need to consider the future of all our children and our grandchildren who will be affected by this method of destructive clearcutting. The land has a great meaning to us. Places like Ista are very sacred to our people."

Nuxalk Thank Lighthawk Pilot, 1997

Left: Thank you letter to Lighthawk pilot Bill Rockwell from Nuxalk Hereditary Chief Sats'alanlh (Peter Schooner), 1 October 1997.

"We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to you for taking our people out on your plane to witness the destruction of our rainforests in Nuxalk Territories. We were able to get video footage that was played at the House of Smayusta for the Elders to view. We would not have been able to cover as much territory without the aid of your plane. Most of our people have not seen the vast amount of logging that has occurred in the Nuxalk Traditional Territories."

"We are a small organization with very little money. We cannot afford to take plane rides. It makes our position stronger when our people get a chance to witness for themselves the destruction of clearcut logging. The people who are against our stand have never seen how much logging has actually occurred. Nor have they seen the damage that results from logging. It would be good more people could witness this logging for themselves. Hopefully they may change their views on clearcut logging. It would also be good for children and chiefs to go out."

Supreme Court Bows in Face of Nuxalk Stand, 1995

Left: Protesters at the Nuxalk blockade of the Interfor (International Forest Products) clearcut logging operation at ISTA on King Island off the coast of British Columbia. Many of the Nuxalk supporters were European.

"We have been deeply moved by the Nuxalk chiefs' and people's commitment to protecting their land, and so have many others around the world. We are expecting 100s of supporters to come join us next spring in continuing to prevent Interfor from destroying Nuxalk land. Interfor will no longer be allowed to profit from the destruction of the Great Coast Rainforest" Forest Action Network.

Right: Press release by Forest Action Network, 1995.

"Supreme Court Justice Smith was unwilling yesterday to put out arrest warrants for the 22 Nuxalk chiefs, elders and supporters who walked out of the Supreme Court on Tuesday. Again Justice Mith refused the crown prosecutor's requests to issue warrants for their arrest or try them in their absence. The trial was put over until 15 January 1996."

'The court was forcing us into their system and handcuffing our sovereignty,' says Hereditary Chief Qwatsinas (Edward Moody). 'The white man's court system cannot define our people. Our law allows us to protect our land; their law allows destruction. When we go out to protect our land and forests, we go out with the law given by the Creator.'

"The 22 defendants were charged with contempt of court in September while protecting unceded Nuxalk territory at ISTA (Fog Creek) from destruction by Interfor's clearcut logging."

"Forest Action Network (FAN), which jointly carried out the month long blockade at ISTA with the Nuxalk Nation, fully supports the Nuxalk legal position."


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