ISTA Destroyed by Interfor (International Forest Products)

Interfor is Trespassing on Nuxalk Nation Territory

We, the Nuxalk Nation, stand in the position of Sovereignty against International Forest Products (Interfor). We cannot and will never as the Nuxalk Nation compromise this position. The Sovereignty of the Nuxalk Nation comes from Tatau, the Creator. It is not granted nor subject to the approval of any other nation. We, the Nuxalk Nation, take this stand today and forever.

As the Nuxalk Nation we have the Sovereign Right to jurisdictional rule within our own Territory. Our lands are a sacred gift. The land is provided for the continued use, benefit and enjoyment of our People, the Nuxalkmc, and it is our ultimate obligation to Tatau, the Creator, to care for and protect it.

Interfor has continually raped our lands and continues to do so today. Our old villages, hunting grounds, fishing grounds, grave sites and sacred areas are being destroyed. Our fish and animals that we need to feed our peoples are disappearing. Our food plants, medicinal plants and trees are being trampled on and destroyed, all for the corporate value of commercial lumber.

We are appalled at what Interfor has done and is still doing to Nuxalk Territory. We have never nor will we ever give our consent to Interfor or any other corporation to develop within our Territory. Our Territory is ours, the Nuxalkmc: we have never ceded it to Canadian or BC provincial government. Our Nation is not interested in entering into any treaties (BC Treaty Commission), agreements or any sort of arrangement with the Canadian government or the British Columbian government concerning our Nuxalk Indigenous Title and Rights.

The power that these two governments claim to have over our Territory is an illegal power within their own jurisdiction as shown in the Constitution which reflects to the Royal Proclamation of 1763. The following section is from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom to remind you that the Royal Proclamation is still legal and binding.

   "Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the
   rule of law: Guarantees of Rights and Freedoms General 25. The guarantee in this Charter of    certain rights and freedoms shall not be construed so as to abrogate or derogate from any    aboriginal treaty or other rights or freedoms that pertain to the aboriginal people of Canada    including any rights or freedoms that have been recognized by the Royal Proclamation of    October 7, 1763; and any rights or freedoms that now exist by way of land claims agreements    or may be so acquired."

The Sovereign Nuxalk Nation Chiefs have given Interfor notice that they are trespassing on Nuxalk Territory that has never been sold or ceded. The Canadian court system has no jurisdiction over our Territory. This is also to serve notice that we do not any court injunctions served to any Nuxalkmc or to our guests (Forest Action Network), whom the Nuxalk Nation invited into our traditional Territory. We do this as our obligation to Tatau, the Creator, and also to ensure that our lands provided for our children, grandchildren and children yet unborn.


Chief Nuximlayc (Lawrence Pootlass)
Chief Qwatsinas (Edward Moody)
Chief Slicxwliqw' (Charlie Nelson)
Chief Qwatsi (David Clelliman)
Chief Liciw7mutusayc (Taylor King)
Chief Sats7alanlh (Peter Schooner)

10 September 1995
Q'umk'uts' (Bella Coola)

"ISTA has been regarded as a protest and blockade against logging, clearcutting and its impacts.

But for us, it was about Nuxalk history, existence, beliefs, and who we are, as a People.

As Nuxalkmc we have never ceded, treatied, sold, or relinguished our connection to our Lands and our Rights.

Our Creator through the Great Spirit put us into these Home Lands to care for and protect.

As Nuxalkmc, we are committed to do so."

Chief Qwatsinas
Q'umk'uts' (Bella Coola)

Ruination of Nuxalknalus (King Island):
Interfor's Clearcutting of ISTA: October 1998

Aerial photo shows one of the six clearcuts that now scar ISTA

Interfor has transformed the pristine lush ISTA rainforest into this

Sign at ISTA says: Danger – Active Logging in Progress – Keep Out

Logging bridge at ISTA: destroyed and silted up salmon creek

View of ISTA from the end of the west mainline logging road

Danger Explosives – No Trespassing – BC Explosives Act

Destroyed salmon creek through Cutblock #FC115 at ISTA

Cutblock #FC115S: chainsaws are ripping the soul out of ISTA

Logging roads crisscross ISTA to prepare for future cutblocks

Log dump on King Island

Grapple yarder at work

Cutblock FC146 with stumps

Letter to Ric Slaco (Interfor) – 5 April 2000

The fate of our lands has been endangered for many decades and we will continue to protect our forests from the destructive logging practices. We are happy to have the environmental community committed to help protect our lands. If these talks were not happening and the commitments were not there, our forests would continue to be cut down.

We watched while Kimsquit and "Hole in the Wall"(Farqhar Valley) were totally destroyed by logging in the 1970's and 80's. We resisted but nothing ever happened. We cannot accept shoddy deals or allow concessions to be made on the remaining ancient temperate rainforests.

The Land and Resource Management Planning (LRMP) process is a forum for "legalizing the theft of the trees" from our land is associated with the BC Treaty Process. History has shown that timber licenses or tenure has never been issued to First Nations. Those Indian groups willing to deal or negotiate must do so outside the realms of our Indigenous Title. Our Indigenous Title and Rights must not be replaced with corporate status.

Postscript: Logging Corps Compensated

Surprise! Logging employees and the logging industry are getting compensation from the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement. In 1969 the Prime Minister of Canada, the Honourable Pierre Elliott Trudeau said: "Compensation for land claims for the Indians is a non starter."We are the First People of these lands but the logging companies are brought onto Nuxalk Territory to clearcut the forests, to make profits for themselves and for the government of BC and Canada. Today we are told that these logging companies will be paid "compensation" for not being able to clearcut log the Great Bear Rainforest, compliments of the province of BC.

Where is there any sense? No, no, not cents; sense! What is good for the goose is not good for the gander. What is that? Is there no honor for human, religious, or Indigenous Rights? What standards? For humans or the forests? Qwatsinas. . . . 7 March 2006

Right: Clearcut logging by Interfor on Nuxalknalus (King Island) in the so – called "Great Bear Rainforest," 23 October 2008 (see person on stump for scale).

Phoney Great Bear Rainforest Deal


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